Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday night snacks

Sunday we spent most of the day swimming and we were so hungry when we came in. We had very little food in the house but neither one of us wanted to go buy groceries - we were too tired and water-logged. This is what I came up with after scrounging through the pantry - chips and homemade salsa, and red tea vegan "jello". I have been trying to find a vegan/vegetarian alternative to jello for many years, A few months ago I saw this vegan gel product online and I immediately ordered some. It works perfectly! The end product tastes and looks exactly like regular jello, but with no animal products. I used a red tea/juice blend to make it tonight but I imagine you could use most any liquid. It is very simple; just boil two cups of juice and mix it with the gel. Pour the liquid into a shallow dish to chill and firm. It was so yummy we ate the whole pan.

The salsa was made up of farmer's market leftovers. I used about 5 tomatoes, an onion and a big handful of fresh chiles. I diced all the veggies and pureed them in a blender. I added some salt to taste and cooked the puree in an heavy pan for about 20 minutes since I didn't want the taste of raw chiles and onions. The salsa was delicious, especially since it was totally improvised.

All in all a very satisfactory post-swim snack!

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