Friday, August 29, 2008

Puff pastry fun

I love frozen puff pastry, it's so convenient to have on hand. I have made puff pastry from scratch before and it is time consuming and doesn't taste better than good quality store-bought. At least not to me. I use Pepperidge Farm brand and it has always worked well. I had some lovely fresh tomatoes and a log of goat cheese so I made this tomato tart. It is one sheet of puff pastry, laid out flat, with the edges crimped up. I spread a layer of cheese on the pastry, about 80% goat cheese and 20% ricotta with a small handful of grated parmesan, and topped that with salted fresh tomato slices. I baked the tart at 375F until it was nicely browned - I'm guessing about 25 minutes. The tart was actually quite delicious.

With the second sheet of puff pastry I had I made chocolate "croissants". The pastry for croissants is similar to puff pastry so you really get the same flavor in this cheater's version. All I did was cut up the sheet of puff pastry into squares and sprinkle some mini-chocolate chips on half of each square. Then I folded the pastry in half, sealing the edges. I baked the pastries in a 375F oven until they were browned, I'm guessing for about 20 minutes. Again, these were really good and my husband pretty much inhaled them.

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