Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fresh tomato pizza

This is a really quick pizza recipe - currently my favorite. You can use any dough you'd like; I had some frozen dough in the freezer that I defrosted. There is no cooked sauce, only fresh tomatoes.

For one large size pizza I used 5 Roma tomatoes, diced, and patted dry, and lightly salted. I also used about a cup of ricotta cheese, a little bit of grated parmesan, and some grated sharp cheddar - I'm guessing about 6 ounces. I baked the pizza at 400F until the crust was golden brown and the chesse was bubbly.

This pizza was super delicious - the crust was nice and crisp since there was no heavy sauce, and the toppings were not overwhelming. A definite keeper!

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