Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Portobello Wellington

This is basically portobello caps, sundried tomato pesto, and cheese in puff pastry. The puff pastry is from the store, as is the pesto.

I cooked two portobello caps on a grill pan until they were tender. When the portobellos were cooled I laid one cap on a sheet of puff pastry. I spread a little bit of the pesto on the mushroom cap and layered on a couple slices of fontina cheese. I stacked the second portobello on top of the fontina, added more pesto and more cheese. On the very top I added a little shaved parmesan.

I wrapped the stacked mushrooms up with the puff pastry, pretty much like wrapping a package. You can pinch the edges of the pastry together to get a tight seal. Cut a hole in the top of the puff pastry for escaping steam.

I baked this at 375F until the pastry was browned, about 25 minutes.

If I also make a salad, this is enough for dinner for the two of us.

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