Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our own peaches

Last summer I was shopping at one of those cheap discount grocery stores and they had a box outside marked "Fruit Trees $5.99". There was only one tree left in the box and it was in pretty bad shape. It was probably sitting in the hot sun for days with no water. I felt sorry for the poor little tree so I purchased it and planted it in the middle of our back lawn. I watered it every time I watered the lawn. Amazing, the tree perked up and started to grow. A few weeks ago I noticed that there were peaches growing! A couple days ago I picked the peaches. There were 11 total and they were gorgeous. I'm so proud of my little peach tree. I made a delicious cobbler with the peaches. Yum! I will post the recipe tomorrow. I am so excited about growing some more fruit. Our yard is very tiny but there is enough room for several more trees in big pots. I am thinking apricots and maybe plums.

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