Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apple pancakes and apricot sauce

This is a simple way to make a special breakfast.

For the pancakes I used my favorite store bought pancake mix and added some grated apples, a little extra sugar, and some pumpkin pie spice. I used two apples for about two cups of pancake mix. I cooked the pancakes over low heat so that the apples would get tender.

I served the pancakes with an apricot sauce. I had a bunch of apricots that were starting to get mushy so I took out the pits and pureed them in the blender with a little water. I left the skins on as I was not in the mood to peel a bunch of apricots. To the pureed apricots I added some sugar and lemon juice. The sugar and lemon juice is to taste. I cooked the apricot mixture over low heat until nice and thick, about 45 minutes.

Of course, you can serve these pancakes with your favorite syrup or even just powdered sugar.

Perfect for breakfast in bed. Not too messy!

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